Landscape Lighting

Add to the beauty and security of your home by showcasing it with energy-efficient landscape lighting. Live West specializes in professional installation of exterior lighting for your home, yard, patio and pool area. We use only next generation LED lighting technology. LED lighting is quickly becoming the new standard replacing conventional halogen type, landscape lighting due to it’s superior energy efficiency, durability and low heat production. No more worries about heat related fires or expensive energy bills, just a beautiful, shining landscape that will be admired day and night!

Landscape lighting benefits:

  • Showcases and protects your property
  • Energy efficient LED lights use up to 75% less electricity saving you lots of money
  • No light bulb replacement for 15 years as compared to halogens which need to be replaced every two years
  • Offers clean and pure white light — the conventional “warmer” tones are available in LED too

Give us a call and one of our experts will be happy to come and discuss lighting ideas and options for your landscape with you. All of our estimates for landscape lighting are free!